Presentations published in the special edition of International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Volume 331, Issue 2, Pages 147-234 (1 March 2007)




Selected contributions from the 6th European Workshop on Particulate Systems





Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Research papers



Encapsulation of mono- and oligo-nucleotides into aqueous-core nanocapsules in presence of various water-soluble polymers Pages 148-152 H. Hillaireau, et al.


Encapsulation of dexamethasone into biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles Pages 153-159 Carolina Gómez-Gaete, et al.


Liposomes for phospholipase A2 triggered siRNA release: Preparation and in vitro test Pages 160-166 Camilla Foged, et al.


Effect of cationic carriers on the pharmacokinetics and tumor localization of nucleic acids after intravenous administration Pages 167-175 Holger K. de Wolf, et al.


Characterisation of salmon calcitonin in spray-dried powder for inhalation: Effect of chitosan Pages 176-181 M. Yang, S. Velaga, et al.


Construction of nanoscale multicompartment liposomes for combinatory drug delivery Pages 182-185 Wafa' T. Al-Jamal, et al.


Poly(amino acid)s: Promising enzymatically degradable stealth coatings for liposomes Pages 186-189 Birgit Romberg, et al.


Differential tumor cell targeting of anti-HER2 (Herceptin®) and anti-CD20 (Mabthera®) coupled nanoparticles Pages 190-196 A. Cirstoiu-Hapca, et al.


Colloidal stability of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO) particles with different coatings Pages 197-203 Mariagrazia Di Marco, et al.


Intramuscular absorption and biodistribution of dexamethasone from non-aqueous emulsions in the rat Pages 204-210 Orawan Suitthimeathegorn, et al.









Fusogenic peptides enhance endosomal escape improving siRNA-induced silencing of oncogenes Pages 211-214 Sabrina Oliveira, et al.


Cell uptake, cytoplasmic diffusion and nuclear access of a 6.5 nm diameter dendrimer Pages 215-219 Pakatip Ruenraroengsak, et al.


Intrapericardial administration of novel DNA formulations based on thermosensitive Poloxamer 407 gel Pages 220-223 C. Roques, et al.


Bone targeting potential of bisphosphonate-targeted liposomes: Preparation, characterization and hydroxyapatite binding in vitro Pages 224-227 V. Hengst, et al.


PLGA-dendron nanoparticles enhance immunogenicity but not lethal antibody production of a DNA vaccine against anthrax in mice Pages 228-232 Suzie Ribeiro, et al.