Pictures EWPS Berlin 2008






Friday, 30th of May 2008


Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof. Speiser

Just before the meeting 2008 starts


De Vito-Egerland, FU Berlin

Audience during opening speech



Prof. G. Storm, Prof. S. Frøkjaer, Prof. J. Kristl, Prof. E. Fattal, Prof R. Gurny + speaker De Vito-Egerland (from left to right, 1st row) 

Thank you to De Vito-Egerland by Prof. Müller



Welcome by Prof. Müller

Prof. Speiser at his opening speech





Prof. Müller hands over to Prof. Gurny for the laudation of Prof. Speiser



Prof. Gurny: laudatio Prof. Speiser

Handing over of award certificate to Prof. Speiser (right)



Prof. Gurny, Prof. Müller, Prof. Speiser (from left to right)

Handing over of Award momentum by Prof. Müller to Prof. Speiser





Prof. Speiser presents the award momentum

EWPS founders Award to Prof. A. T. Florence, London (right)



address to meeting by Prof. Florence after receipt of the Founders Award

Welcome address by Dr. Breitenbach on behalf of Soliqs, Platinum Sponsor of the EWPS meeting



Thank you by Prof. Müller to Jana Pardeike for her outstanding organisational contribution (e.g. abstract booklet)

Prof. Müller and Jana Pardeike



Prof. Gurny, Geneve with his presentation (14:10/Friday)

Florence Delie, Geneve (14:30/Friday)


Michael Möller (14:50/Friday)

Magali Zeisser, Geneve (15:10/Friday)



Eva H. Møller, Copenhagen (16:10/Friday)

Camilla Fogged, Copenhagen (16:30/Friday)


Dongmei Cun, Copenhagen (16:50/Friday)

Johannes Geiger, Munich (17:10/Friday) 



Alparand Helena Florindo, Lisbon (17:30/Friday)

with Florence Delie, Chair (left)

Prof. Speiser (right, front) listening to last presentation on Friday


 Beginning of reception: Prof. Speiser with Prof. Kristl, Ljubljana (left)

A nice chat on the roof terrace: Frøkjaer, Storm, Fattal, Müller (from left to right)


reception impressions

Sven Frøkjaer (left) and Gert Storm with a decent german beer


 reception on roof terrace, Dr. Oppel

R. Müller (right) and J. Breitenbach (3rd from right), head of Soliqs (platinum sponsor)


J. Breitenbach/Soliqs, R. Müller and M. Oppel/Faculty administration FU Berlin (from left to right)

memory pictures need to be taken


M. Oppel/Faculty administration FU Berlinwith Florence Florence/UK

sunset with beautiful view at the French Cathedral


 sunset, drinks & relaxing atmosphere

J. Kristl, P. P. Speiser, R. Fröhlicher and A.T. Florence (from left to right)




 Saturday, 31st of May 2008


Julijana Kristl, Ljubljana (9:30/Saturday) 

Medha Joshi, Berlin/Mumbai (9:50/Saturday)



Eliana B. Souto, Porto (10:10/Saturday)

Eliana B. Souto (left) with Chair Sven Frøkjaer



Susana Martins, Porto (10:30/Saturday)

Audience listening to

Susana Martins presentation



Audience listening to

Susana Martins presentation

Louise Basthom Jensen, Copenhagen (10:50/Saturday)

with Chair Sven Frøkjaer



Peggy Schlupp, Berlin (11:30/Saturday)

with Chair Eliana B. Souto (left)

Aiman Hommoss, Berlin (11:50/Saturday)

with Chair Eliana B. Souto



Eliana B. Souto (Chair) announces the next

presentation by Jana Pardeike.

In the back: Marc Muchow, Berlin/Nancy

Jana Pardeike, Berlin (12:10/Saturday)



Rainer H. Müller, Berlin (12:30/Saturday)

Cornelia M. Keck, Berlin (12:50/Saturday)



Claudio Surace, Paris (14:00/Saturday)

Laure Lajavardi, Paris (14:20/Saturday)

together with Gert Storm (Chair)



Award Committee Prof. Speiser and Prof. Florence (from left to right) listen to the presentations

Caroline Roques, Paris (14:40, Saturday)

with Gert Storm (Chair)



Raquel Díaz-López, Paris (15:00/Saturday)

with Gert Storm (Chair)

Hania Khoury, Paris (15:20/Saturday)



Julijana Kristl, Ljubljana (left) and Cornelia M. Keck, Berlin 

Gert Storm and Sven Frøkjaer in discussion



A chat in the coffee break (Peggy Schlupp and Rachmat Mauloudin, both Berlin)

Michael Möller, Geneve



Elias Fattal and the French Group

impressions from the “kitchen” supplying drinks, cookies and choclate



the kitchen: a nice place for a chat

Sven Frøkjaer and Camilla Fogged, both Copenhagen, during coffee break



PhD students from the Berlin group with Rainer Müller (from left to right: Szymon Kobierski, Jana Pardeike, Aiman Hommoss, Rainer Müller, Medha Joshi, Ansgar Brinkmann, Loaye Al Shaal, Rachmat Mauloudin

Marcel H.A.M. Fens, Utrecht (16:00/Saturday)



Niels Hagenaars, Utrecht (16:20/Saturday)

with Julijana Kristl (Chair)

Joost H. van den Berg (16:40/Saturday)

with Julijana Kristl (Chair)

Ethlinn V.B. van Gaal, Utrecht (17:00/Saturday)

 with Julijana Kristl (Chair)

Sophie R. Van Tomme, Utrecht (17:20/Saturday)

last speaker of the meeting


The award committee Prof. Florence (left) and Prof. Speiser (right)

Florence explains how difficult the decision was because of so many excellent presentations



Now the award committee starts announcing the awardees! 

Florence reads out the name of the first oral presentation awardees



Best oral presentation award to Magali Zeisser and co-authors, Geneve

Best oral presentation award to Camilla Foged and co-authors, Copenhagen



Best poster award to Medha Joshi and co-authors, Berlin/Mumbai

Best poster award to Sarah Küchler and co-authors, Berlin



Farewell picture of Berlin research group with the two honoury guests of the meeting Prof. Speiser and Prof. Florence

(from left to right, back row: Hanisch, Muchow, Prof. Florence, Brinkmann, Kobierski, Al Shaal, front row: Hommos, Pardeike, Prof. Speiser, Prof Müller, Dr. Keck, Mauloudin, Joshi)

The two honoury guests Prof. Florence and Prof. Speiser with the two EWPS organizers from Berlin Dr. Keck and Prof. Müller (from left to right)



Farewell dinner Saturday evening (from left to right Rainer Müller, Florence Florence, Sandy Florence, Rosemarie Fröhlicher, Peter Speiser, Conny Keck) at the restaurant Rems in Berlin

Farewell dinner: Florence Florence & Sandy Florence



Farewell dinner: Rosemarie Fröhlicher, Peter Speiser and Conny Keck

Farewell dinner: at least it was easier to chose from the menu than selecting the award winners at EWPS!

Farewell dinner: Rosemarie Fröhlicher with Peter Speiser

Rainer Müller with a large “Weizenbier” after a successful EWPS 2008